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Establishing a Vision for your Wellness Business

It’s an exhilarating yet nerve-wracking time, embarking on the journey of starting up a small business doing what you love. The vision is clear—sharing your experience, knowledge and gifts of wellness with the world and creating something meaningful, impactful, and, hopefully, prosperous. But the distance between this vision and its realization feels vast, like an insurmountable mountain that must be climbed.

Planting the Seed

The first step is often the most crucial—planting the seed of an idea. Your mind is brimming with concepts, possibilities, and the fervor to birth something novel into the world. But you’re acutely aware that this grand vision needs to be broken down into manageable pieces. As you scribble down these thoughts and aspirations, you realize that overwhelm is present. Stay clear and tethered to your deepest knowing and begin the process of organizing your big dream into smaller, achievable goals and next steps. Like building a house; you lay a solid foundation first before constructing the entire structure and it takes time.

It’s all about staying grounded in the groundwork—open yourself up to the research and discovery phase. It’s crucial to ensure that the problem you are solving is substantial, worthy, and potentially rewarding. This initial phase requires an investigative mindset that is rooted in reality. It involves market analysis, understanding consumer needs, and identifying gaps that your future wellness business could fill. It’s about ensuring that your vision aligns with a demand that exists in the world and that your passion for the work follows closely behind.

Seek Guidance and Wisdom

You may begin to notice thoughts around navigating this terrain alone. Seeking guidance and wisdom from those who have treaded similar paths is an important and often overlooked part of the process. Mentors—experienced individuals who have established their own businesses—are invaluable resources. Their insights, gained through their successes and failures, can help you save a lot of time and money, and gain a clearer understanding of the road ahead.

As Hunter S. Thompson so wisely stated, “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”. It’s a time of ideation, exploration, and cultivating the foundation for something that could potentially leave a lasting mark. It’s about slowing down and taking your time to ensure that every detail and decision is made with intention and sustainability in mind. While the foundational details will form the bedrock of your future venture, it’s essential to expect change and adapt as you navigate challenges. Enjoy the ride, get excited, and pursue the inevitable transformation that is turning your entrepreneurial dream into a tangible reality.

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