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The ARC Mission

Wellness business owners are selfless leaders who work hard to help others feel better, but they’re burning out quickly with exhaustive days and overwhelming to-do lists. There is never enough time at the end of a long day to review systems or look at numbers, so I streamlined a consultation process that provides a big return on your investment.

My mission is to support open-minded and overworked wellness business owners with an affordable and easy 3-step consultation process for better operational health so that they can have more time and peace of mind. I work directly with clients in-person within a 30-mile radius of Asheville or virtually anywhere.

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Amanda Ross

Who is Amanda Ross?

Amanda is a wellness business consultant with twelve years of first-hand experience as an owner, manager, and practitioner of the healing arts. She moved from San Francisco to Asheville in 2016 and opened her first small wellness business, My Asheville Massage, in the heart of West Asheville, North Carolina.

Within six months of opening her doors, she went hands-off as a practitioner and discovered her operational chops and her love for small businesses. After many years of the “daily grind” as a solopreneur, she experienced significant burn out and lost touch with her own well-being.

She learned that when business owners have access to resources and community, they are far more likely to sustain success. Today, Amanda is committed to sharing her insights, expertise, and hard lessons learned with wellness business owners in the Western North Carolina region and beyond.

Local to Asheville, NC and interested in connecting in-person before you get started? Amanda also works with the Hatch Innovation Hub and invites you to stop by an upcoming program or event!

Supporting Team

As an operations specialist, I deliver process development and optimization on the front-end and back-end of your wellness business. I’m honored to partner with a network of experts that are essential to helping me elevate your client and staff experience through streamlining your website and booking sites, enhancing your online user experience, diving deeper into numbers, and so much more!

Andy Brazil

Web Designer & Developer

HR coming soon!

CPA coming soon!

Receive guidance and tips from your wellness business consultant. 

Your biggest resource is a trusted accountability partner. Whether you’re a solopreneur or you’re partnered up, running a wellness business can feel complex and overwhelming. Once per month, I’ll send you some inspiration to help you feel less alone and more connected.


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Are you ready for more time and peace of mind? Let’s Connect.

I work with clients in-person within a 30 mile radius of Asheville, North Carolina or virtually anywhere. Start your journey to better operational health with my affordable and easy 3-step consultation process or select a package to save on longer-term support. Add-on QuickBooks Online management or bookkeeper training services to assist with your baseline financial needs.