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I keep my financials dialed in.*
I provide services and/or complete line level tasks in my business.*
I review and update my business processes (SOPs) and operational strategies.*
I define and track key metrics in my business.*
I have separate bank accounts for my business and personal funds.*
I want more time for myself, but don’t feel like I have enough money to make it happen.*
I know my target audience and my marketing and branding strategies are specific.*
I would describe my current mindset as:*
I review my profit and loss statements.*
I provide employees with regular training and development opportunities.*
I value my team and it reflects in the way I show up as a leader in my business.*
I have a pulse on cash flow projections.*
I have a formal business plan.*
I clearly delegate roles and responsibilities within the business.*
I collect and review customer feedback.*
I have quality control measures for products or services.*
I review recurring expenses and focus on cost reduction.*
I have a process for handling and resolving customer complaints or issues.*
I actively monitor, evaluate, and regulate my day-to-day operational expenses.*
I have a plan for unexpected expenses.*
I lead regular meetings or discussions regarding operational improvements and financial performance.*
I’m open minded to trying new things that support my long-term vision.*
I use technology to automate and streamline business processes.*
My operations are adaptable to changing market conditions and financial fluctuations.*
I find joy in the day-to-day of running my business.*

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